SEJ heads of delegations affirm Protocol


The clergy and lay heads of Southeastern Jurisdiction (SEJ) General Conference delegations released a statement last week affirming the work done on the “Protocol of Grace & Reconciliation Through Separation.” They also recommended the Protocol be among the first legislative items considered by General Conference 2020.

Heads of delegations from 14 of the 15 conferences of the SEJ signed onto the statement, with 26 lay and clergy heads of delegations supporting and signing it.

“One of the reasons I support the Protocol is because the alternative is so unhealthy,” said Rev. Jim Cowart, the clergy head of South Georgia Conference’s delegation. “If we don’t separate peacefully, there will likely be increased fighting, increased anger, and frustration from all sides. This fighting distracts us from the Great Commission. I’m sad, but I’m getting excited too; excited about moving into something new and fresh … plowing new ground and exploring new trails for the Kingdom.”

Read the statement here