Camp Connect Spotlight: Gentry Haygood


Gentry Haygood, 12, is a sixth-grade student at West Laurens Middle School in Dublin. She and her family – sister, Ruthie, 10, and parents Laura and Thad – attend Dublin First United Methodist Church.

Tell us about yourself and one cool fact.
I like cross country, soccer, track, tumbling, and piano.

Fun Fact: my grandfather went to Epworth camp, my dad went to Epworth, and now I go to summer camp at Epworth. They both were camp counselors there and I hope to be one someday, too.

When was your first year at camp? How old were you? How many years have you been to camp?
My first year at camp was in 2012. I was 9 years old and finished the third grade. I have been to camp for the last three years.

What do you like about camp?

What is your favorite thing about camp? What do you look forward to each summer?
The skits are really funny and cool. I also like all of the fun games we play and worship time is always great, too!

Tell us one or two of your favorite camp memories.
One cool thing that I remember is when we got all dressed in black and we went outside and we all had to keep straight faces. When the boy counselors came up to us and tried to make us laugh, it was really hard not to laugh!

Another camp memory is one from last year. We went outside and had water day. We were all having fun but the sky was very dark and cloudy. The counselors were used to Epworth so they knew that a storm was going to come. It started raining and then the wind was blowing very hard! All of the campers were like, “oh my goodness, we are going to have a tornado!!”  All of the counselors were being funny and trying to have fun and they ran and grabbed all of the stuff and started yelling “Everyone runnn…. we are going to have a tornado! Hurry and runnnnn…. Aghhhhh!!” And they were acting all funny and everyone was running really fast to their cabins and it was all just crazy and really funny at the same time!

Camp Director disclaimer - Dear parents: Have no fear! After five straight weeks of daily afternoon showers the staff gets a little creative. They were just reenacting a scene from “The Wizard of Oz.”

What makes you keep wanting to go back to camp (other than your parents!)?
It is just a fun time to learn more about Christ and get away from home and just relax and have fun! Plus, I really like it and I don't think I would be really happy with my parents if they didn't let me go again!

What makes camp so special? What is it about the camp experience that makes your faith stronger?
Everyone is just really nice to each other and it’s just cool to know that we are all there to have fun, of course, but most of all, to learn about God. All of the counselors do a great job of making it fun to learn about Jesus. They do some skits during worship that have to do with the Bible lesson but they also know when it is time to settle down and focus on worshiping.

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