Camp Connect Spotlight - Ben Barron


Ben Barron, 12, is a homeschooled sixth grader from Swainsboro. He and his family are active at Swainsboro First United Methodist Church.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and one cool or neat fact.

I do YouTube videos. I’m a YouTuber. I have a channel where I do challenge videos, like the Ice Bucket Challenge and a bunch of others. I also do vlog videos where I vlog about my day and what I’m doing. I upload about one of those a day.

My mom and my granddad both went to Epworth when they were my age. That’s really fun. And my mom and dad got married there. My granddad went to camp in the 1950s, my mom went to camp in the ‘80s, and my parents got married at Lovely Lane Chapel in 1999.

Tell us about your camping experience.

I have been to camp for two years. My cousin William invited me to go the first year and it was really fun. My favorite part was the food, probably. I probably like the breakfast or lunch best.

Thursday is probably the best day because at night we always watch a movie.

What do you look forward to most at camp each summer?

Probably Capture the Flag. Capture the Flag is really fun! Last year me and a bunch of the other kids from my cabin took our t-shirts and tied them into ninja masks. 

What are some of your favorite camp memories?

The first year I went I wrote notes that I couldn’t send because I didn’t take stamps or envelopes with me so I just wrote a page-long note about what we did that day. It was really cool.

What keeps you going back to camp each year?

Just the fact that nobody is bullied for going to church every Sunday and stuff like that.

What is it about the camp experience that makes your faith stronger?

It’s probably the prayer time at night. That’s one of my favorite parts of the day, the nightly devotions in the cabins. Everybody’s able to open up and get anything out that they need to.

There are a bunch of things I love about camp. The beach is always fun, except the one year that I forgot my sunscreen and I got sunburned all down one arm!

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