2020 appointment-making season begins in the South Georgia Conference


It’s appointment-making season in The United Methodist Church, and this week, Bishop Bryan and the Appointive Cabinet are meeting to pray, worship, and begin the decision-making process of appointments. The 2020-2021 appointment-making schedule is available here.

“I ask for your prayers for our Cabinet, for every local church, and for every pastor, for we all want to be alive together in ministry and we want the appointment-making process to be a part of that which looks for liveliness and energy and to prosper what God is doing in our lives,” Bishop Bryan said in a video. “We depend on that process to work well. Please pray for it.”

Click here to watch the video.

The Appointive Cabinet will meet regularly now through March to make decisions and to prayerfully seek God’s guidance. Throughout the process, District Superintendents will continue to be in conversation with congregations and clergy.

While much is happening in The United Methodist Church, Bishop Bryan urges everyone to continue to focus on disciple-making efforts in their local communities.

“There’s nothing more important than you and your local church. You are the South Georgia Conference. You are the great resource that God has placed in your community,” he said in the video. “You are the church God has planted there, and nothing that comes out of General Conference and no action of the Annual Conference is going to do away with the importance of your local church. God needs you to be the church, that's why God called you. That’s what I want to encourage us to be.”

It is anticipated that appointments will be released to local churches Sunday, March 29 and to the public, via the Conference website, that afternoon.